ICTs used on prac.

Well the semester is almost done so I thought I would look back on my ICT use while on prac. The classroom I was in had an interactive whiteboard which for the most part was very helpful. Unfortunately I couldn’t connect my computer to the whiteboard because I didn’t have access to the school network but I was able to use my mentor’s computer. The whiteboard did need to be calibrated before any interactive activity that the students would be taking part in, but my mentor teacher was very used to this.

The classroom also had 3 iPads and 5 netbook computers which the computers used for Maths activities and reading eggs. The computers and iPads were mainly used in small group rotations and they do take a bit of setting up. Each student has a different login and it is time consuming as it was a prep classroom the students need a lot of assistance getting set up. Although a great ICT tool, they weren’t always used to transform student learning… Something I would work on I think if I had a bit more time.

I also had access to a full set of bee-bots while on prac. A great resource and it fit in well with the unit I was teaching in Maths-Location and direction!


ICTs used on prac.

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