Semester almost done.

It is coming to the end of the semester and although I have other assignments due which I should be focusing on… I began the week 15 learning path last night. While completing the last course barometer I was made to consider my final thoughts on this subject… How my feelings have changed from the start of the semester. I genuinely have loved the way this course is set out, I have kept more up to date with this subject than other other this semester because we are made accountable for it. I actually wish other subjects were set out in a similar way, I find it more achievable to work through several moodle books rather than being given a whole module which you are expected to read and always forgetting where I am up to.

Thought I would share some more resources… I used Topmarks so much on prac. It is a great website with a great range of interactive activities for all different subjects. I found an interactive activity was a great way to engage students either at the beginning or end of the lesson. Its amazing how engaged students are when you put that screen on! I found some of these interactive activities a great tool for formative assessment also.


Semester almost done.

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