Week one done.

I feel so much better after reading fellow students Leah and Lana‘s blogs and seeing I am not the only one that is absolutely exhausted after our first week of prac! I come home at the end of each day wanting to go straight to bed but have lots of lessons plans to do! I am wondering where I am going to find the time to start my 50% assignments that are due a couple of days after prac finishes. My first week went well, some lessons went much better than others. After teaching a couple of ok lessons on Wednesday, I had one go amazingly on Thursday which really boosted my confidence and I couldn’t stop smiling. Had a couple of lessons go just ok on Friday as well so confidence isn’t quite as high. No major fails just yet, but lots of good feedback which will help me to improve. So far I have used the IWB for  2 lessons and the kids absolutely love the interactive activities. I have been finding a fun activity to do at the end of lessons, which helps me get a gauge on how well students understand what they have learnt. The school I am at has a set of bee-bots and I have borrowed them for maths lessons on location this week. I have never used them before so I am lucky the school has them available.

One really cool ICT that the deputy principal introduced me to is called osmo. It is a great tool that you connect to an iPad and has its own set of apps. It can be used to transform teaching many subject areas, my only concern is it is mainly a one student activity. Unless students are taking turns I am unsure how to use it in a whole class lesson.

Busy weekend ahead! 

Until next blog.


Week one done.

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