Finally submitted.

What a relief…. After a very busy two weeks at work I submitted Assignment 2 yesterday! It definitely wasn’t to a high level and I know I will be mad at myself when I receive results but I have just had way too much going on the last couple of weeks. Now for the next one, EDX3280! It feels good to know I only have 5 more assignments, 1 prac and 1 exam then the semester is done but the next 7 weeks are going to be very busy! I usually continue working on weekends throughout my prac because hey, I’ve got to pay rent. However, this time I have taken the whole 3 weeks off work, mainly because I need a break. One weekend of prac I am heading down to NSW for a family event and the other weekend I have my best friends hens weekend at the coast so I don’t know how much lesson planning will be happening.

Now I should probably get catch up with the week 9 and 10 learning path.


Finally submitted.

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