Still waiting…

Like Mr Clancy I am still waiting to hear about my prac placement. This will be my 4th prac and I am hoping to be placed in early primary because I haven’t yet had any experience with that age. My last 2 pracs were at All Hallows and I feel like I was so spoilt getting placed there. What an amazing school! So many resources, so much support and such amazingly well behaved students. One of the best things being there as a pre-service teacher was that the teachers all got 7 non-contact periods a week! This is achievable because they have specialist teachers for several subjects and a classroom teacher who just teaches core subjects. It meant that I had at least one period a day to plan.. either in a group planning lesson with other teachers or individually with my mentor teacher.

I can only hope to have such a positive experience with my next prac!


Still waiting…

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