My study spaces.

After reading Courtney’s blog I thought I would too share some ideas about my study space. I am someone who is very organised and tidy so seeing the pictures of Courtney’s desk impressed me. Although my desk isn’t always completely tidy while I am studying as soon as I am done for the day I always put everything away and back in its place. Having a tidy work space allows me to have a clear mind when I begin my work. My desk also has a window right in front of it, giving me a great view of west end (and some things to look at when I can’t focus).

Although this is my study space where I sit when I am watching lectures and attending tutorials, I don’t pretend to be the prefect student. I also do some work with my laptop on my lap, while I am sitting on the couch with the TV on in the background…. Which is what I am doing right now as I write this blog.

Just submitted my assignment for EDX2190 so I can turn my full attention to assignment 2 for EDC3100 and have it ready for submission next week.

Until next blog.


My study spaces.

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