Assignment 1 results/feedback.

I was glad to receive results for assignment 1 yesterday. I find when I go well in an assignment it can give me so much confidence and motivation to try that much harder with my other subjects. However, If I am not happy with assignment results I usually feel pretty ordinary and lose all motivation for Uni.

I was happy with my results for this assignment and think the marking was fair. I think the feedback they gave me was justified, however, it does make me wish I had have looked over my assignment one final time before submitting it and maybe I would have picked up on those things myself.

Receiving marks for assignments and going over the markers feedback reiterates how important it is for all teachers to give quality feedback to students and how much of an effect it can have on their learning.

Here is an interesting info graphic I found about the value of feedback.

Until next blog.


Assignment 1 results/feedback.

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