Week 8.

After writing a post last week saying I needed to get a bit more done on this assignment, I start this week of study having not looked at the assignment at all since last weeks blog post…. Whoops.

It has occurred to me that when I was first picking my constructing and transforming knowledge content descriptors, I picked ones that I felt were clearly fitting the required task of being constructing and transforming, not thinking about how I would incorporate ICT into the unit plan. I am now wondering if I should change the descriptors I chose, or just go with them and really challenge myself to find ways I can utilise ICTs to transform learning. Trying to work through this weeks learning path, I’m thinking I will have to revisit the moodle books again once I have progressed a bit more with the assignment.

Similar to Courtney, I am looking forward to receiving results for assignment 1 this week. I’m hoping my marks will give me some confidence for the rest of this course!


Week 8.

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