More assignments…

Like many other students I am trying to get past the first point of this assignment and actually take some steps getting me closer to completion. LLandry made an interesting point in their blog, noting how many different styles of unit plans we use throughout our degrees. Similar with lesson plans, each course seems to have their own design that they prefer you use, meaning we end up using different styles for each assignment. I guess it lets us learn a lot of different ways to present these plans and in the future when we are creating our own, we will know what works best for us.

I do not have set learning experiences for my unit plan yet, just basic ideas but I find that most of my ideas for ways to incorporate ICT into the classroom still seem to be replacing, not amplifying or transforming. I understand the difference and how it is important to use ICT to transform learning but struggle with ideas on how tho actually achieve this. I have been reading through a few things online to try and get some ideas flowing and found this article helpful.


More assignments…

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