Week 7.

I have just completed this weeks learning path including the course barometer and it made me stop and reflect. I vividly remember completing the course barometer after the first weeks learning and picking the options such as confused, worried and overwhelmed to describe how I felt about the course. We are now in week 7 and my picks this week were interested and happy. Although I do still think that there is a lot of work required for this course between the content and activities provided in the weekly learning path, the required blogs and keeping on top of assignments, I love the way this course is presented. I love seeing those little ticks appear as I complete each book and feel accomplished when I can see that I have completed the learning path for each week. In saying that, I am not up to date with the workload at all… but each week I find myself completing the learning path for EDC3100 before I even look at my other 3 subjects and I think thats saying something.

Until next blog…


Week 7.

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