Back to school…

While reading Miss W’s blog this afternoon I felt like it could have been written by me. I had also hoped to get ahead with my studies over uni break but the days just went by so fast and now its back straight back into uni. As I work as well as full-time study I do try and take a little bit of time to myself whenever there is a uni break, but these holidays I just had so many visitors and family around that I didn’t find much time to relax.

This week the plan was to be productive and get straight back into it this morning, unfortunately I got called into work for the day meaning I didn’t get a start on uni. I’ll try again tomorrow! Over the next couple of weeks before I go out on prac I have 3 assignments to complete and submit.

  1. EDC3100 ICT and pedagogy unit plan.
  2. EDX3280 ePortfolio assignment, which they say takes 65-80 hours! Should probably get a start on that one.
  3. EDX2190 History and Geography which requires a geographical inquiry journal and lesson sequence with justification.

While I need to be focused and productive with so much on I find it really helpful to use a Pomodoro timer such as this one. The Pomodoro technique was shared with me by a friend and it works by breaking down work into 25 minute intervals, separated by a short break. If you find you have trouble focusing for hours on end while studying, try it out!

Until next blog….


Back to school…

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