TED talks.

For anyone who doesn’t know, TED (originally Technology, Entertainment and Design) spreads ideas through short, powerful talks on just about any topic. I have been a lover of TED for years and any time I see one pop up in my study desk for a course, I’ll admit it makes me think of the course more positively!

I regularly listen to TED talks while exercising and yesterday came across one I thought I would share about a programmer and how she gets children to think about computers and developing technologies. It is called ‘a delightful way to teach kids about computers’ and you can listen to it here.

I can’t help myself….

Here are some more technology and/or education TED talks that are definitely worth watching.

An internet without screens might look like this.

Let’s teach kids to code.

Teaching kids real math with computers.

and of course, I can’t post about TED without including one of my favourite, from one of the most inspiring and through provoking educators out there Sir Ken Robinson:

Do schools kill creativity? (Do yourself a favour and listen to this!)

How to escape education’s death valley.

Enjoy.… and I’m sorry if you now spend several hours listening to TED talks, but it is not time wasted. It is time well spent!

Until next blog…


TED talks.

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