Almost time for Easter break…

After today submitting an assignment for another subject, I moved onto finishing my EDC3100 assignment thinking I was almost done and it wouldn’t take me long. I guess I didn’t account for just how long it would take me to correctly fill out the RAT page of the excel spreadsheet. As Mr Clancy notes in his blog The R.A.T. framework is an acronym for Replace, Amplify, Transform, and can be measured in unison with the SLIC model to determine how effective ICT has been in a lesson. The lesson I have chosen to use for my assignment is one I have written myself saving me the time of checking copyright, a bit lazy on my end but I have had too much else going on the last couple of weeks. Looking forward to having this assignment submitted so I can enjoy a day off over the Easter break…. A break from uni that is, I will still be working over the long weekend 😦


Almost time for Easter break…

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