Does technology make us anti-social?

The survey on this weeks learning path really opened my eyes. I admit, I read the question and thought it was a joke because the answer is surely so easy? Turns out, there are a plethora of ways to look at technology and the way we socialise using it. I recently (over the last 2 weeks) felt I was getting a little too connected to my smartphone… my alarm would go off in the morning and I would scroll through my Instagram  feed before getting out of bed. I would take a break from my studies because ‘my eyes were sore from looking at the screen’ and then go sit and read Mamamia articles on my smartphone for an hour while on my break. But the worst part, I felt, was while I was spending time with friends or my boyfriend and we would all be sitting on our phones instead of interacting together. Although it doesn’t really minimise my time using my smartphone that much, I decided my goal would be, beside answering phone calls, I would only look at things on my phone while I am by myself. When my boyfriend gets home from work, I put my phone in my room and out of sight. When friends come over, my phone goes in a draw and is not left out on the table. Its a small step, but makes me more aware of making an effort to communicate with my friends, rather than liking their most recent post.

Perhaps I should consider a day without technology such as mentioned by Kathy in her Blog post.

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Does technology make us anti-social?

One thought on “Does technology make us anti-social?

  1. Hi Leisha
    I have just found some time to catch up on reading blog responses and after reading yours I was wondering how you are going with controlling your usage!! I have just read another response that said it was out of the question for her to go a day without technology, and that is fine, but I would continue to ask the question…….if it all crashed (which Telstra has given us a taste of in recent times) would people fall down in a heap and not function? I think not, it just depends on how attached you are and can you think outside the box, it is a bit like the way David is trying to get us to think for ourselves to find an answer in this course.
    I have been finding so much information over the past three weeks, well more the last one really because my head was all over the place in the first two weeks, and I am still trying to work things out, but that is what it is about.
    Anyway, all the best for the rest of the course and a great time on Professional Experience.

    Watch this old granny go without technology just got the beat!!!!


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