Assignment 1.

This week I began looking for a lesson plan to use for assignment 1…. turns out it is not as easy as I first thought. There are so many lesson plans out there that have Digital Technologies used in the lessons, but not used in a purposeful way which enriches student learning. For example, there are plenty of lesson plans that have some form of video shown at some point of the lesson, but no student interaction with the ICT. One thing that has been a positive of all this searching is that I have discovered (through this list provided by David) so many sites which I can use in the future for lesson plan ideas. I particularly like this site which provided so many awesome ideas for maths lessons. I always have a hard time thinking of ideas for this Key Learning Area so its good to know there are so many places out there to help with ideas!

After reading Kate’s blog where she says she is using a lesson plan she designed herself for a previous course,  I am also considering using a lesson plan on my own design. This means the lesson plan will be free of any copyright breaches and I can ensure that it uses ICT in a meaningful way.

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Assignment 1.

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