The big picture.

Having just completed this weeks learning path I can finally say that I am seeing the big picture! I now actually understand how Feedly and Diigo are used to share resources and can definitely see myself using them throughout this course.

As part of this weeks learning path we were to find a teachers blog/page to share with the EDC3100 Diigo group. To find this I did a few google searches with a few different key words until I found one that resonated with me. I chose to share Teacher with training wheels. While looking through her blog posts I particularly enjoyed reading A Joyful Day. This post was about the first day of the school year and I love how she described it in such a positive light. In my mind, when I think of the first day of school with a new class I think I would be nervous, scared and apprehensive so I really loved reading how joyful it can be.

Thanks Sarah for sharing this blog post which included a hilarious video of Ellen Degeneres showing children technology from yesterday. Always good to have a laugh after a hard day of study!


The big picture.

One thought on “The big picture.

  1. I’m Glad you enjoyed my blog post. It can be hard to focus on the poisitives sometimes but it is important to remember that as teachers we are incredibly privileged to work with and spend time growing with our students. All the best with your studies.


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