Week 2.

While reading Amanda’s blog today, I realised that I, like her, set up Feedly and Diigo before the semester started and haven’t looked at them since. Whoops… Hopefully when I start working through the learning path tomorrow I will find some time to look at these sites a bit more, because having accounts set up means nothing if I don’t use them! I am sure they wouldn’t be suggested if they weren’t worthy resources for us to use, so I am looking forward to seeing all that they have to offer.

I have still been stuck reading through others blogs, clicking on links to other students blogs and getting so lost amongst all the blogs that I forget I logged in to write one of my own 🙂

One site which I use a lot (not usually related to study, just personally) which is similar to Feedly and Diigo in the sense that you collect things so you can look at them all in one place is Pinterest. There are so many incredible resources, organisational tips, blogs and other pages which relate to teaching that I have looked at, now I just need to start a teaching page so I can pin them all. To anyone who hasn’t used Pinterest before, beware! It is very addictive and not a good thing to look at right before you go to bed. I often quickly log in then find myself stuck for hours!

Until next blog…


Week 2.

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