Usernames and passwords…

Hello friends,

While reading Ashley’s blog today it got me thinking about how many different pages, groups, databases and resources I have signed up for since starting my degree. Some I needed specifically for an assignment, others were resources shared by lectures that I thought might come in handy one day in the future… but majority of them I don’t remember now.

Looking back, I should probably have started a spreadsheet listing usernames, passwords and what each resource was at the time but now it seems like too much effort to go back and find them all. Lazy, I know.

I can imagine there are plenty of other people at the same point in their degree who have saved plenty of resources and have a big stash of clippings, articles, games and ideas to be used in future lessons stored and organised neatly in folders and boxes… I should probably get around to doing that at some point but the time when I will need all these resources still seems so far away.

At some point I am going to have to stop thinking of myself as a student and think of myself as a future teacher who will need all these resources…. time to get organised?



Usernames and passwords…

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