Week one.

Well… what a subject!

Completing the learning paths this week by reading the books, taking notes, posting to forums and spending some time reading blogs by past and present students I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. It seems there is a lot of content to get through and I keep finding myself spending so much time stuck reading old blog posts from students that I felt like I was wasting time by not completing all of the activities that were required this week.

This week also made me realise my own abilities with using ICTs. I felt proud of myself for being able to set up my blog, diigo and feedly with minimal problems but still have no idea how to embed a link into a post. My goal for next week. (Update: I can now link things! Feeling accomplished.)

It seems that to experience all that this course offers I am going to need to think about some serious time management. Completing the survey was a helpful activity for personal reflection. It encouraged me to consider my own thoughts behind the decisions I make about prioritising my study and gave me motivation to be organised…. However, I seem to have that motivation at the beginning of every semester, the end of the semester is always a different story.


Week one.